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Hire, Engage And Retain The Best Employees For Your Organization

Work Start Employee Engagement Platform

How do you hire the right people for your team?
How do you keep your team motivated and engaged?
What if the answer isn’t always a bigger salary, more bonuses or extra perks? 

Work Start’s Employee Engagement Tool can help you understand what makes your employees tick so you can hire, engage and retain the right people for the job and create an environment that lets them thrive.

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How Does It Work?

Work Start is an online survey tool that provides HR teams with insights into what motivates and engages job applicants and existing employees.


WorkStart helps you identify your top applicants who would be great for your team.

Team Analytics

Just the key metrics for better insights on your people and teams, presented in a clean & exportable format.

Engage & Retain

Better understand what your people need, how they are feeling and how you can best support them.

Smart Hiring Decisions

Hiring the right people for your team is one of the hardest challenges any company faces. It's time to change hiring and make it a better experience for you and the for the people you are recruiting. With WorkStart, you can hire and keep great people.

Discover What Truly Drives Your Employees

Who’s more motivated by salary or social events at work? Who wants flexible work opportunities? Which employees prefer working in big teams and who prefers to work in smaller ones? 

The more you know about what drives your team and the individuals within it, the more ways you can engage and retain them.

Better Teams Begin With The People Inside It

Generic employee engagement programs, salary hikes and added perks can work for some of your team, but not everyone is motivated by the same things. 

And for a team to thrive, everyone inside it needs to feel valued, engaged and productive. The Work Start assessment tool allows you to ensure that happens. 

With Work Start’s simple employee survey tool, you can truly get to know your teams on a personal level and design a work environment that gets the best out of them, every day. 

See The Big Picture.

Simple analytics can show what drives your employees as a whole across your organization, or you can drill down to individual employees to understand their unique motivations and needs.

HR teams can quickly determine:

  • What drives employees to work in the first place?
  • What is their value-added passion and superpower?                         
  • What does their ideal work context look like?

How Can This Help Us Grow?

Make better job placement decisions and results in a more engaged employee who is fulfilled and feels valued in their work.

Develop the right work environment for each employee so they feel driven and excited about work. 

Gain clarity about whether it’s people, product or processes that motivates an individual employee and adapt accordingly. 

Have an incredible workplace environment and culture where people feel valued, engaged and fulfilled in what they do. 

Enjoy increased productivity, innovation and profitability.

Retain high performing people who feel valued and engaged.

Move from being reactive to proactive by using data to improve employee engagement and retention. 

Save Time, Money And Resources On Research

In the past, gathering employee feedback required 3rd party consultants, contractors, survey design, extensive data collection, expert analysis, recommendation and implementation. 

WorkStart’s Employee Assessment Tool makes it easier than ever. Employees can quickly complete surveys online while you collate the data from one simple dashboard. 

What Makes The Work Start Employee Assessment Tool Unique?

Shorter time frame to get the data and outcome you need.

Implement the solution yourself, faster and more affordably.

Visualized data and insights in real time.

Uncover employee obstacles.

Help employees advance their careers.

Simple user interface that’s focused on the employee engagement problem.

Real time insights on what drives each person to work in the first place.

Real time insights on what matters to employees at work.

Real time insights on what value employees can add to an organization and/or role.

Both individual and aggregated insights. 

Why now?

  • Retain your top talent and attract the right graduates who are perfectly suited to your company and roles. 
  • Benefit from well-matched talent that leads to happier employees and a stronger workforce.

    Don’t pay more than you have to for employee surveys. Work Start is a low cost, efficient and easy way to get to know your employees' personality attributes and create a more productive, engaging work environment for them to thrive. 

For high-performing companies where people & meaningful work matter

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