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Workforce data for economic development

Work Start's platform helps EDCs, better understand their region's employment barriers & opportunities, 
leading to more effective economic development & investment attraction strategies.

How it works

Using our conversational workforce survey tool, job seekers provide information about their employment background and needs.

Each individual gets a personal Work Profile and gets matched to jobs most relevant to them.

EDCs get aggregated and granular level data on workforce profiles, barriers & opportunities. This makes it easier to get more current workforce data by industry, sector and region.

Benefits for EDCs

Connecting Talent to Jobs


With our discovery process, each individual gets personalized job matches and while responding to your workforce survey.

Real time workforce data & insights


Collect meaningful data & insights on your region's workforce while you help them find meaningful work.

Some of the data we can provide

Get meaningful workforce data while connecting people to local jobs.

Regional employer labor demand based on real time data. 

Work Start provides data reporting as a service.

Add value to your current data from the Feds

Work Start augments your Federal data with near real time data from your workforce.

Now, you have access to more than just rear facing data, to proactively measure the impact of our EDC initiaitves.

Near real time workforce data and insights

Identify employment needs, barriers & opportunities.

Connect your workforce and employers.

 How it helps Economic Development Corporations

Uncover the challenges of your workforce with qualitative interviews & quantitative surveys to identify talent gaps and potential solutions for your community, so you can better plan for the future.

We offer insights to explore your region's workforce & employer needs, in order to support them with the right training progams and services available through your community partners. 

With our cloud based platform, you'll have access to the most comprehensive toolkit to understand your region's workforce population.

Our proprietary analytics engine can help you identify near real time trends, patterns and relationships in your population data - from education levels to occupation type to skill sets needed for the future.

We make it easy for your employers to recruit talent from your region's workforce.

Easily share data with stakeholders, investors and the community.

Meaningful workforce data.
One meaningful job at a time.

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