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Easily Manage Job Seekers 

The Job Seeker Management Tool for Nonprofits Employment & Career Services!
Focus on what matters most – guiding job seekers towards work which matters.

Work Start in an easy to use online platform for nonprofit employment services, that help people find jobs, especially people who have a hard time finding work.

Our platform makes it easier for you to match people with the right jobs.

This means more people can get jobs that are meaningful for them. 

Easily manage your clients & workflow

Make your coaching job easier with lots of helpful tools from Work Start.
Keep track of people looking for jobs, view their resumes, and set up meetings easily.
Say goodbye to endless paperwork, job board searches, long waiting times for clients and poor employment outcomes.

See what stage every client is at

Easily stay on top of things.

Get insights on what they need

Get a complete overview of each job seeker's work preferences and history. 

Add & review case notes

Easily add date and time stamped notes.

Communication & Notifications

New client notifications

Get automatic notifications with each new client.

Meeting Invites

Send meeting invites to clients.

Keep clients updated

Send group or individual updates.

Insights & Data Informed Decision Making

Easy to use data dashboard

Our easy to use dashboard will help you identify trends, track progress, and make smarter decisions to guide job seekers towards their ideal roles. 

Uncover hidden insights

Discover what drives each job seeker, identify their barriers to employment, and monitor their progress.

Improve your team's operations

Track job seeker engagement, understand your team's performance, and make data informed decisions that drive your nonprofit's mission forward. 


For nonprofit organizations focused on employment and career services, Work Start is the employment-focused SaaS platform that provides unparalleled support in job placement and coaching effectiveness. Unlike generic CRM tools and job boards, Work Start offers a tailored solution with vocational assessments, AI job matching, and employment goal tracking, designed specifically to enhance the job placement process for those facing employment challenges. Work Start positions your team to achieve higher success rates in job placements and retention, ensuring every job seeker finds not just a job, but the right job.

Send notifications & updates to clients
Applicant Board
Customize your intake questions
Add client notes
View resumes
Send meeting invites
AI cover letter writer
Receive notifications
Easy Analytics & Insights
Search jobs
Post Jobs

Recommended by nonprofits

“I have never had a program dedicated to youth related job searching. I like the concept of the program. Lots of good profile questions. If you're an adult looking for work, there's more employment opportunities.” 

“"Having data to inform programming decisions, highlight potential opportunities, and better support job seekers made a big difference in our work and is something that we want to promote in the non-profit sector. Work Start enabled us to better understand who we were working with and how to support them more effectively."” 

“Work Start is easy to use, which is a huge plus when working with newcomers and immigrants, but even more so, the software touches on areas of "fit" in the labour market that most newcomers and immigrants are new to understanding.” 

Pick the plan that works for your team 


Up to 30 job seekers/year


Up to 30 job seekers annually
Free Individual Work Profile
Export your data when you want to
Send meeting invites
Send notifications & updates
Job matches
Advanced analytics


Up to 5 staff
Up to 250 job seekers/year
$47/staff member/month
Everything in the Free Plan, plus
Up to 250 job seekers annually
Applicant tracking board
Send notifications & updates
Aggregated data & insights on your clients
Secure data and document management
Job Seeker Data & Analytics
Job matches 


Up to 20 staff
Up to 1,000 job seekers/year
Contact Us
Everything in the Free Plan, plus
Up to 1,000 job seekers annually
Aggregated data & insights on your clients
Secure data and document management
Job Seeker Data & Analytics
Job matches 


More than 20 staff
Unlimited job seekers/year
Contact Us

Everything in the Starter Plan, plus
Unlimited job seekers annually
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