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Case Study

The Organization

  • Location: Denver
  • Size: 30-40 employees
  • Primary revenue source: Donations & Grants
  • Target population: Long-term unemployed
  • Service delivery model: In-person & online
  • Geographic scope: City


As the Director of a medium-sized nonprofit focusing on the long-term unemployed, David grappled with multiple challenges. From efficiently managing staff and tracking job opportunities to delivering comprehensive reports and handling the unpredictable nature of funding and client volume, David needed a solution that was user-friendly, scalable, and affordable.

The Solution

Work Start's online platform provided a one-stop-shop for David's myriad needs. It offered a comprehensive assessment tool that allowed for a deeper understanding of job seekers' needs, case note systems for easier communication, and real-time data for managers and leaders.

David found the platform easy to navigate. He was particularly drawn to the workflow tools and the optional job matching tool, which could offer personalized job recommendations.


After implementing Work Start, the organization experienced significant improvements across key performance indicators.
The centralized system offered by Work Start led to streamlined staff management, more effective tracking of job opportunities, and robust, real-time reporting.
The automation features reduced the time spent on manual processes, thereby decreasing errors and increasing efficiency. 

Lessons Learned

Need for a Centralized System: A holistic solution is crucial to effectively & efficiently manage the diverse and complex needs of a nonprofit employment service.

Efficiency and Automation: Manual systems are inefficient and prone to errors, highlighting the need for automation.

Real Time Data Matters: Great decision making needs data and even more importantly, real time data.

Key Takeways 

David has successfully found an integrated, effective solution to navigate their complex challenges through the implementation of Work Start.

The platform's centralized, automated, and efficient features have not only met but exceeded their initial requirements, leading to measurable improvements in job placements and client retention.

Where previous approaches were only partially effective, Work Start has filled the gaps and propelled the organization forward.


Send notifications & updates to clients
Applicant Board
Customize your intake questions
Add client notes
View resumes
Send meeting invites
AI cover letter writer
Receive notifications
Easy Analytics & Insights
Search jobs
Post Jobs

Recommended by nonprofits

“I have never had a program dedicated to youth related job searching. I like the concept of the program. Lots of good profile questions. If you're an adult looking for work, there's more employment opportunities.” 

“"Having data to inform programming decisions, highlight potential opportunities, and better support job seekers made a big difference in our work and is something that we want to promote in the non-profit sector. Work Start enabled us to better understand who we were working with and how to support them more effectively."” 

“Work Start is easy to use, which is a huge plus when working with newcomers and immigrants, but even more so, the software touches on areas of "fit" in the labour market that most newcomers and immigrants are new to understanding.” 

"An investment which has added so much value to our team, our clients and to our organization as a whole"

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